UPRECO Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1897 as a Bible school in 1891 by Presbyterian missionaries.  Became a school for preachers in 1962, accredited as a seminary in 1976, became a university in 1988 with the formation of the school of law.
  • Location: Ndesha, near Kananga, a large city in central Congo (DRC).  Ndesha is about 10 kilometers from Kananga, a province capitol of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Number of students (2007-2008 school year): 180
    • 100 men, 80 women
    • 60 students in Theology
    • 120 students in Law
  • Number of faculty:
    • 11 full-time professors (Theology)
    • 36 part-time lecturers (Theology)
    • 5 full-time assistant professors (Law)
Spring near Ndesha Spring near Ndesha, 2005. When power is available, the spring water is pumped to the university, about 1km away. When power is not available, water must be hand-carried to campus.
Students in a group discussion Students in group discussion, 2006