UPRECO Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1897 as a Bible school in 1891 by Presbyterian missionaries.  Became a school for preachers in 1962, accredited as a seminary in 1976, became a university in 1988 with the formation of the school of law.
  • Location: Ndesha, near Kananga, a large city in central Congo (DRC).  Ndesha is about 10 kilometers from Kananga, a province capitol of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Number of students (2007-2008 school year): 180
    • 100 men, 80 women
    • 60 students in Theology
    • 120 students in Law
  • Number of faculty:
    • 11 full-time professors (Theology)
    • 36 part-time lecturers (Theology)
    • 5 full-time assistant professors (Law)
Group of students near the class rooms Group of students near the class rooms, 2005
The UPRECO library The UPRECO library