Booth Polyvalent Center

The Booth Polyvalent Center was started in 2005 to equip church workers such as pastors, evangelists, and theology students with agriculture and husbandry skills so that they can better support themselves, their families, and their churches as well as their communities. Another goal of the Center is for church workers who have been trained to pass on the skills they learned at the Center to church members in their communities. From its beginning now (2008), the Center has trained 215 people from different regions of the Presbyterian church in Congo.   The Center is also known as the Booth Vocational Center.

The Booth Polyvalent Center has fields of palms (oil-producing), pineaples, manioc, and corn. The Center also raises pigs. These fields and animals help support UPRECO as well as providing practice to the church workers receiving training at the Center.

Instruction at the Center occurs several times a year. Dormitory facilities are available at the Center for participants so that they can focus on their study and have adequate time to practice what they learn. When Polyvalent programs are not in session, this on-campus facility is used for other university activities.

The Booth Polyvalent Center was constructed with funding from the Booth Leadership Initiative (BLI) of The Outreach Foundation, part of a larger BLI ministry which engages African church partners around new models of sustainable leadership development, in particular evangelist/tentmaker programs which provide both ministry and vocational training to help church workers minister more effectively and support themselves in the field.

The training provided at the Booth Center is a great blessing for the people of the Congo. The leadership of UPRECO is grateful to the PC(USA) and especially to Mr Alex Booth and the Outreach Foundation for financial help which makes this center possible.

For more information about the Booth Polyvalent Center or the Booth Leadership Initiative, please contact Rob Weingartner at The Outreach Foundation,

Booth Vocational Center Classroom One of the classrooms at the Booth Vocational Center. Pastor and teacher Leon Kibwa is the assistant comptroller of UPRECO.
Booth Vocational Center dorm Part of the dormitory at the Booth Vocational Center.