UPRECO is situated in the town of Ndesha, near the large city of Kananga.   The UPRECO campus is about 50 acres (0.2 sq. km.) and covers a beautiful hill-top and is well situated to receive gentle breezes.   UPRECO Campus at Ndesha (from GoogleEarth)

There are about 10 main school buildings as well as numerous faculty and student houses spread out over the campus.    As you arrive on the campus, the first building you see is the chapel (which doubles as the Ndesha church).   In the center of the campus is a large playing field where both men and women students play soccer.

The campus is blessed with many beautiful palm trees, mango trees, and a variety of other trees and vegetation.  The roads on campus are all unpaved and the areas between the roads are mostly covered with lush grass.

The closest water is at a nearby spring about 1km from the center of the campus.  Since most students live on the other side of campus, many student families have to walk about two kilometers each way to get water, several times each day.

On the north east corner of the campus is the Booth Vocational Center ,  The center provides vocational training for church people to help them support their families, churches, and communities.

The classrooms are outdated and several are in poor shape.  Repairing existing classrooms and building new classrooms are strong desires of the faculty.  Unfortunately due to limited funding such improvements have not been possible.

Spring near Ndesha Spring near Ndesha, 2005. When power is available, the spring water is pumped to the university, about 1km away. When power is not available, water must be hand-carried to campus.
Single mens dorm The single men's dorm.