University Faculty

UPRECO is blessed with an outstanding full-time faculty of theologians, biblical scholars, and historians.  With their diverse backgrounds and interests, they bring a variety of perspectives and teaching styles to our community.

UPRECO Faculty with guests
Some of the UPRECO faculty and wives with guests, 2005

Faculty of Theology

  • Rev. Dr. Mukundi M. Mulumba, President, Professor of Missiology
  • C.T. Ntambala Kabuika, Academic Dean, Professor of Systematic Theology
  • C.T. Denis Kabamba, Administrative Dean, Professor of Church History
  • Rev. Dr. Wakuteka H. Muanza, Professor of Homiletics
  • Rev. Dr. Mutshipayi Petumpenyi, Professor of Church History
  • Rev. Dr. Kanku Tubenzele, Professor of Contextualization
  • Rev. Dr. Kabue Mbala, Professor of New Testament
  • C.T. Bope Mikobi, Professor of Old Testament
  • C.T. Malenga Llunga, Professor of Old Testament
  • C.T. Tshindinda Mamba, Professor of Christian Worship
  • Faculty of Law

    There are 5 faculty of Law.
    Library director The director of the library
    Pastor Mutshipayi and wife Pastor Mutshipayi Petumpenyi and wife