Friends of UPRECO

The Friends of UPRECO is a group of individuals, churches, and other organizations with a desire to support the Presbyterian University of the Congo (UPRECO) by:

  • Providing current, accurate information about the university and its programs, staff and students to potential donors and supporters
  • Assisting the University to understand the North American context and to tell its story through a variety of media including websites, blogs, brochures, and targeted appeals
  • Soliciting gifts, bequests, memorials, etc. on behalf of the University
  • Helping to organize sponsors for students and faculty members and facilitate regular communication between them
  • Helping to facilitate speaking tours by University leaders to raise understanding and support among North American supporters
  • Accounting for and transmitting donations to the University and its programs in close coordination with the Africa Office of World Mission Program of the PC(USA)
  • Assisting the University in setting up clear and transparent reporting of the use of resources, including but not limited to donations and interpreting these reports to past and future donors.
  • Linking potential volunteers to service opportunities at the university

In carrying out these efforts the Friends of UPRECO works closely with the African Office of the World Mission Area of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Women students at UPRECO Some of the women students at UPRECO in November 2005
Congo Flag The new Congo Flag.