The School of Law at UPRECO

The School of Law offers university training to men and women preparing for a career in the legal profession. The mission of the law school is to prepare Christian leaders for the development of the rule of law in a nation that has suffered from many years of autocratic rule.

The program of study is offered in two phases: Graduate and License. The Graduate degree requires 3 years of study and can be followed by a License degree which requires two additional years of study and a major end-of-course project (thesis). This final degree is roughly equivalent to the J.D. degree in the United States.

Students study traditional legal courses as well a courses in theology and ethics in keeping with the school’s mission of transforming the legal profession by instilling an ethnical basis to the education of its students.

All instruction is given in French but most students can read some English as well and the library contains some English language books as well as a majority of books in French.

Preparing bidia A woman prepares bidia, one of the regional staples. Bidia is a thick paste made of manioc and corn flour. It is eaten with greens and meat sauces.
Corn field at UPRECO A field of corn at UPRECO. Several crops are planted and harvested to support UPRECO and its faculty and students.