UPRECO Partners

  • One of the primary partners for Sheppard and Lapsley Presbyterian University of Congo (UPRECO) is the Presbyterian Church (USA), which has supported education in the Democratic Republic of Congo for more than a century.    The PC(USA) is one of the largest denominations invovled in mission work in Africa and has a historic interest in Congo since Presbyterian missionaries helped start mission work in Congo in the 1890s. PC(USA) mission work helped start many of the educational institutions in central Congo including UPRECO.   The PC(USA) is actively supporting UPRECO now, including gifts to the Extra Commitment Opportunities (ECO) account which go directly to support UPRECO.  Click here to donate (note that FRTK, the Faculty of Reformed Theology of Kasai,  is the seminary within UPRECO).
  • The Booth Polyvalent (Vocational) Center at URPRECO is supported by the Booth Leadership Initiative (BLI) of the Outreach Foundation. The Outreach Foundation is a validated mission support group of the PC(USA) which connects Presbyterians with partners in mission around the world. Focusing on missionary support, planting and building churches, equipping leaders and caring for vulnerable children, The Outreach Foundation seeks to build the capacity of both PC(USA) congregations and global partners as they respond to God’s mission activity in the world.    For more information about the Outreach Center, please contact Rob Weingartner, Executive Director, at 615-778-8881 or 800-791-5023.   Their website is: www.theoutreachfoundation.org.
  • Another parter is the Congo Mission Network (CMN). The Congo Mission Network is a grass-roots organization sponsored by the Presbyterian Church (USA).  The goal of the CMN is to partner with the Presbyterian Church in the Democratic Republic of Congo (CPC) and the Presbyterian Church of Kinshasa (CPK) to help the Congolese people improve their lives.   The Congo Mission Network meets once a year to report on current activities and plan for the coming year.  The  CMN has an active Education Committee that supports several educational outreach activities for primary and secondary-level schools in Congo.  The Friends of UPRECO coordinates their activities with the CMN Education Committee.
Preparing bidia A woman prepares bidia, one of the regional staples. Bidia is a thick paste made of manioc and corn flour. It is eaten with greens and meat sauces.
One of the main roads on campus One of the main roads on campus