Students at UPRECO

UPRECO is located on the former mission station community of Ndesha about 8 miles of deeply rutted roads from the city of Kananga. The university draws students from the capital city of Kinshasa, and from the provinces of East Kasai, West Kasai, and Katanga.

Facts about the students (2007-2008 school year):

  • 180 students: 100 men and 80 women
  • School of Theology, 60 students
  • School of Law, 120 students
  • Where do the students live?
    • 115 students live on campus: 36 living in married students' housing; 79 in single students' housing
    • 65 live in Kananga, walking 8 miles every day; 5 live in the nearby community of Ndesha
  • School of Theology is a 3- or 5-year program; School of Law is a 5-year program
  • Second year is typically spent off-campus in an intern program
  • French is the language of instruction

Student life on campus is vibrant and typical of that at any university in the world.  Sports are a popular activity: football (American soccer), basketball, volleyball.  Women as well as men participate.  Students living on campus worship on Sundays at Ndesha Chapel located on the campus.  UPRECO students men's and women's choirs often participate in worship.

Students are responsible for their own meals since there is no campus cafeteria.  They walk to the nearby market to purchase food and prepare it for themselves.  They are also responsible for obtaining their own water which requires a 2-4 km walk, round-trip.

UPRECO is limited to the 12 hours of daylight year-round because the school is located along the equator.  Studying is often done by candlelight or lantern.  The school has a generator, but fuel is too expensive to use it regularly at night.

Students in the Chapel Students in the Ndesha Chapel in November 2005
Married student housing Married student housing, 2006