Ways to support UPRECO

The UPRECO University is known as a strong institution, offering solid programs.  Admission is competitive, and we receive far more applications from well-qualified students than are able to admit because of the lack of funds.   The growth of the University's mission and the nation's need have not yet been matched by the necessary financial resources to fully develop this institution.


There are many ways that volunteers can help at UPRECO, including teaching (from seminars to short courses to longer term teaching commitments), assisting with administrative activities, and helping develop and improve the infrastructure at UPRECO. If you are interested in volunteering at UPRECO, please contact us.

Making donations to support UPRECO

There are several ways to make donations to help support UPRECO:

  • Mail a check:
    • Make the check out to 'Presbyterian Church (USA)'
    • Put 'E583002 - UPRECO/Kananga, DR Congo' in the check's memo area.
    • If you wish designate funds more specifically, please include a cover letter with the details.
    • Individuals please mail the check to:
          Presbyterian Church (USA)
          Individual Remittance Processing
          P.O. Box 643700
          Pittsburgh, PA  15264-3700
    • Churches please mail the check to:
          Presbyterian Church (USA)
          Church Remittance Processing
          P.O. Box 643678
          Pittsburgh, PA  15264-3678

NOTE: Once you have made a donation, we encourage you to visit our contact page and send an email to us letting us know about your donation.  We would like to be able to to thank you.  Also letting us know about your donation helps us track donations and make sure they get to UPRECO in a timely way.

Support a Student!

Support a student

Help nurture a future leader — a pastor for the chuch; an attorney for the nation — whose heart belongs to God.  At UPRECO, $250 sends a student to seminary for one year.   $1250 supports the entire 5-year education of a minister who will lead the people of Congo to the salvation, hope, and love of God.