The School of Theology at UPRECO (FTRK)

The School of Theology, also known by its French name, Faculté de Theologie Réformée du Kasaï (FTRK), offers university training to men and women preparing for ministry. The school offers two levels of instruction – graduate and license. The Graduate Program is a three year post-secondary school that prepares the students for pastoral ministry in the Presbyterian Church and many other Protestant denominations across the country.  About 90% of the students are Presbyterians from the CPC and the CPK .

Graduates can continue their education with a License degree that requires an additional two years of study and a major end-of-course project (thesis). This degree is roughly equivalent to the MDiv degree in the United States.

Students study the traditional biblical, theological, and pastoral courses with an intentional reference to the Congolese context. Practical theology is supplemented with hands-on field experience in local parishes and hospitals.

All instruction is given in French, but students usually practice their ministry in the local languages of the congregations or other settings to which they are sent. Most students can read some English as well and the library contains some English language books as well as a majority of books in French.

The Women's School associated with FTRK prepares students' wives for their role as a pastor's companion and spouse, as a mother and as a home maker.

Occasionally, symposia are organized and the findings are published in the Congolese Review of Protestant Theology, a publication of the Protestant University of Congo. Issues addressed in these symposia have included Protestantism and Contextualization in the Congo, and the Crisis and Social Tensions in Congo.   FTRK also publishes an annual student journal and a scholarly journal for professors and researches.

Women students at UPRECO Some of the women students at UPRECO in November 2005
Corn field at UPRECO A field of corn at UPRECO. Several crops are planted and harvested to support UPRECO and its faculty and students.